Machine Components and Clean Tips


A heat press machine is made up of different components, different parts of the division of labor, contact each other, forming a complete working system.

The Components of Heat Press Machine

  • Heat Press Stands

This is the most important machine component.The job of the heat press stands is to support the hot pressboard and fluid cylinder. It must sustain the hole pressure when it is working. So the good properties that it has which mean a lot, that is the most important point to make it do a good job. The material of it always is alloy steel. Such as the 42crMo4, d2 tool steel, SAE 4140 steel, 1045 steel and more.

  • Fluid Cylinder

This execution mode is mainly used to achieve reciprocating linear motion.

  • Hot Pressboard

Transmitting the pressure, heat and more which is its main job. So that is also important. By the way, its mechanical strength, rigidity and heat conduction function and etc will impact the product quality and the quantity of production of heat press machine.

Clean Tips

  1. We need to clear away the conduction oil which is in the system. And check out if the circulation line is unimpeded. We must make sure the system is unblocked.
  2. Add the hot oil rolling cleaning agent to the container, open the circulating pump, do not raise the temperature, make it at the room temperature. And then switch the valve of system to make every fitting of system can be cleaned. By the way, I suggest switching the valve for every hour. The hole time for clean is 4 hours, but if the oil layer is with a big thickness, you maybe need to raise the clean time to make sure clean it away. Take off the circulation line to clean it and check it out. If there has engine oil pollution, please make the time of clean longer until all the fittings are clean, then go to next step.
  3. Please discharge the cleaner and engine oil of the system to the container of cleaner. Maybe you can do air blowing for it. Just use the air compressor to air blowing to make the residual liquid in the system out. And if you can use tool to do air blowing, you can make it natural drying.

Heat press machines do a good job in our production line, we need to understand how it works and clean it to make sure all the function can be normal to make the production keep in good situation.