When I was young, I fell in love with tinkering and playing with all kinds of tools and equipment. Because my dad is a mechanical engineer, he deeply affected me. So that when I was very young, I would research all kinds of tools and machines whenever I have time. I would explore how they work, if there are other ways to make it better, etc. When I arrived at the university, I chose Industrial Engineering, where I had a great college time, and my interest and hard work made me a lot of progress.

After that, I also got a job as an engineer at a heat press company. After staying in the company for a long time, I naturally learned a lot about the hot press. People rely on this tool to create too many great products. In this world, there are too many excellent mechanical equipment engineers and enthusiasts. The purpose of this website is to share the experience and technical points of various hot presses and other mechanical equipment to benefit more mechanical engineers .

If you want to talk about mechanical equipment and industrial knowledge, you can contact me, I will do my best to share all knowledge to lovers and practitioners.