Auto clam and Fusion Machine

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This article aims to introduce the difference between Auto clam and Fusion.Stahls’ Hotronix Heat Presses are used for custom print on T-shirts. All machines are manufactured in USA and they feature the world’s most innovative technology, including features such as over the center pressure adjustment and auto open. Heat presses basically function by applying the heat and pressure needed to transfer the print ink to the T-shirt fabric. They consist of a heated flat plate and a padded lower plate, between which is placed the substrate for applying the design.

For the perfect functioning of a heat press it is important to provide consistently even temperatures across the platen in order to prevent developing cold spots and ensure consistent application of heat transfer materials. Accurate temperature control and proper temperature application are critical in producing quality garments. Stahl’s heat presses are among the best machines in the industry, known for delivering consistent results.

Stahl’s Hotronix heat presses come in many models, types and sizes. The Auto Clam offers the convenience of an air press without a compressor while the Hotronix Fusion heat press features both draw and swinger presses in one convenient machine. Stahls’ heat presses are available in both 110V and 220V and they have the best warranty in the industry.

Stahl’s Auto Clam

The Stahl’s Auto Clam is an automatic press without an air compressor. This heat press offers a patented auto open feature which helps to avoid over-application and enables multi-tasking. The heat press features a clamshell design which helps you to save space. You can add Threadability™ and the Hotronix® Heat Press Caddie™ features. Hotronix Auto Opening Clamshell heat presses come in a range of size choices, including 16×20, 16×16, and 11×15.

They are well built and easier to operate due to the auto open feature that use an electromagnetic lockdown to save you half of the physical work on opening and closing. The feature of over the center magnetic assist lockdown reduces fatigue by making it easier to pull down the upper platen.

The Stahl’s Auto Clam features pressure, temperature, and digital time readouts. The clam shell design is space saving and allows more room in your shop for multiple heat press machines. The Heat Press Caddie™ makes the Auto Clam press more efficient and portable.

The Auto Clam features a 3/4 inches thick coated non-stick upper platen and a quick change lower platen. The temperature can range between 205 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stahl’s Hotronix Fusion Heat Press

Stahl’s Hotronix Fusion heat press is world’s only swinger/draw heat press design. The Fusion heat press is the only heat press featuring a patented dual technology and the first heat press in the industry equipped with touch screen technology. These innovative technologies provide you the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of both draw and swinger style heat presses in a single machine.

The swing away and draw functions give the convenience of working in a heat free workspace. With its patented dual functionality and the exclusive touch screen technology, the Hotronix Fusion heat press sets a new standard in the industry.

Stahl’s Hotronix Fusion heat press is made in USA and comes with a premium warranty. The platens are interchangeable and easy to install. The Fusion heat press comes with a 3/4 inches thick, coated upper platen and a 3/8 inches silicone rubber bottom pad.

The heat press features auto on/off setting, energy saving four hour sleep mode, multi-level password settings, an automatic timer, multiple time settings, production cycle counter, live digital pressure, temperature, and time readout, and unlimited preset programs available in eight languages.

The Fusion heat press works at a temperature range between 200F and 400F. The Fusion heat press comes in a cast aluminum frame, backed on powder coat finish which is scratch resistant, and with a coated heater to prevent warping.

Auto Clam versus Fusion Heat Press

When you take in consideration the advantages of both models in order to decide which type of heat press is better suited for your needs you need to consider that a standard full size T-shirt press is 16 inches x 20 inches. This size accommodates almost all heat transfer sizes and you can press multiple items at one time to cut your labor effort and save time.

When trying to decide between Auto Clam or Fusion style heat press you need to take in consideration a few things. Fusion heat presses have some advantages over Auto Clam models. Because the plate of the Fusion heat press is not facing the operator, that model offers more work safety and the operator can also work faster on a Fusion heat press. He can lean over the lower plate and load the Fusion heat press faster.

The operator can place the transfer faster because the position allows to quickly look straight down on the mouse pads or on the shirt in order to determine if the transfer is straight. This allows a higher productivity rate on the Fusion heat press.

This model of heat press can also be used for items such as tote bags because the heat press heavier duty pressure control can overcome the gussets and thick folds of the bag. A Fusion heat press can be used to apply heat transfers to almost any flat item. This makes this model one of the most popular on the market.

Hotronix Auto Clam is a more traditional style of heat press. This model also offers some advantages. The operator on the Auto Clam press has the least amount of steps to operate. The press features a simple lockdown and automatic opening after application. But the Auto Open Clam offers a limited view of layout area. The operator has to work underneath the heat of the press, and he cannot look directly over the center of the bottom platen.

Your choice for one of the two models depends on the type of work projects you have. In case that you are doing lots of screen printed transfers you can choose the Auto Open Clam because you need only minimal layout.

If your design involves lots of letters and numbers you better choose the Fusion heat press because you need more time for layout and it’s easier to work when you have over the top visibility of the layout space. Sublimation is better suited for the Fusion heat press as well, while DTG is better suited for the Auto Open Clam model.