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Machine Components and Clean Tips

A hot press machine is a device that heats two pre-fluxed tin-plated parts to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder, and after curing, forms a permanent electrical and mechanical connection between the part and the solder. Depending on the product, the heating rate can be selected. Titanium alloy indenter ensures average temperature, rapid heating and long service life. The indenter is specially designed to adjust the level to ensure that the components are evenly pressed. The temperature is numerically controlled, clear and precise. Equipped with a digital pressure gauge, the pressure range can be preset.

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Auto clam and Fusion Machine

Stahls’ Hotronix Heat Presses are used for custom print on T-shirts. All machines are manufactured in USA and they feature the world’s most innovative technology, including features such as over the center pressure adjustment and auto open. Heat presses basically function by applying the heat and pressure needed to transfer the print ink to the T-shirt fabric. They consist of a heated flat plate and a padded lower plate, between which is placed the substrate for applying the design.

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Heat Press Machines from Stahl’s

At Stahls’, a wide range of hotronix machines that include the heat press machines are produced. These hotronix hot press machines from Stahls’ are produced and engineered by experts. They provide you with the opportunity to make orders for a number of heat press machines, materials that transfer heat and services that offer customs cutting for the main purposes of garment decoration.

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