Ways to Find Cheap Heat Press Machines for Sale

If you are looking to start a t-shirt business and you do not want to invest too much, chances are you will want to go for used or refurbished heat press machines.There are several good places to find them. Here are a few ways I used to find heat press machines when I started my own t-shirt business.

There are several good places to find them. Here are a few ways I used to shop for heat press machines when I started my own t-shirt business.


This is the first way to find heat press machines which are really cheap from other owners that no longer need the machine. Search for the keyword “Heat Press Machine + Your Local Area” in the search bar to find any potential sellers in your area. For me, it would be Los Angeles.

craigslist website find machines

Depending on your budget, you can get a really cheap heat press machine anywhere from $150 to $400. If you are really serious about your business, I suggest you go for 16 x 20 auto clam heat press machines. They will work for all size t-shirts. Auto clams are also easy to use.

resluts of craigslist to find machines

The other thing you have to factor in is the time required to travel to get the machine. They are very heavy, about 60-100 pounds. For example, let’s say it will cost you roughly $30 to travel back and forth to check out the machine. You might not like the first machine you see, so for safety purposes, double the gas money.

Total Amount = Cost of Heat Press Machine($150-$400) + Gas Money x 2

Things to look out for when buying used heat press machines:

  • Make sure the heat platen is not damaged(minor scratches is okay)
  • Make sure the heat press is functional by testing it out at the owner’s place before buying

I personally went and check out a few machines around the area, but I opted to buy a new one instead. That brings me to the next best place to find good deals.


Now Amazon has some really good used and new heat press machines ready and available for purchase. Here are the following brand that I like – Stahl’s Hotronix. I own a Stahl’s MAXX heat press and it does really well.

amazon machines


eBay is another alternative to Amazon. The best part is that you can bid and potentially get a good deal. I haven’t really used much of eBay because I got mine from Amazon. Either way, they are both good choices!


There are others shopping websites to find the machine you want, but the most important thing that you should know some famous types, which will help you a lot when choosing your right one.